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Research-project on concentration-painting


Duration time: november 2010.- april 2013. included

Artist: Varga Borbála, I was born in Cluj-Napoca, the 18th April, 1986. I finished here the Art University ( in 2010, at painting faculty. My diploma consisted of Yi Ching inspired personal landscapes, a series called ‘12 months in my back’.

Concept: Emptiness. I research emptiness with the aid of yogic and zen techniques. I attempt to dive deep, using the process of painting as exercise and expressing instrument. I practice particularly three techniques of painting: ink or handmade natural pigments on rough canvas, this especially for abstract spots and marks, pastel for studies of plants or human body, and oil, mostly for human body studies on back.

Realization: Painting for me requires a large, white, empty room, mountains-forests, and the minimum level of existence to be assured. I wish to practice concentration on all levels including nutrition, this demands constant and long-term attention. According to the spirit of ahimsa, trying to avoid harm, I experiment with natural pigments squeezed by me out of plants, which are environmentally friendly. Emptiness or concentration becomes consciously the source of these paintings; the main impact on them is made by the experience gained through attention.

This is the project for which I request a financial support; according to my present estimation the very basic conditions for painting are on a level of 250 euro. This is an amount which allows me assuring the fulfillment of the requirements mentioned above. During the project’s interval I’ll send a monthly coverage on the process, on the pictures’ state and development.

At the end of the process I make a selection of three series consisting 12 works each, in the three painting-techniques mentioned above (ink/natural on rough canvas, pastel on paper and oil on various surfaces). This selection considers all works made in the 30 months. An exhibition’s costs and organizing issues are to be regarded as parts of another project, I maintain for me the right to apply separately in order to raise finance.

Were this support accorded, I’ll be glad to join the life of the Posticum with presenting the pictures made during the project or any other work of mine. May they serve as an energy source to those here and all the guests.

With respect,
Varga Borbála

2010, 7th July