Posticum - Movimentum Iuventutis Christianae
Teiului u. 26, RO - 410477 Nagyvárad/Oradea/Grosswardein
Tel.: +40 259 431 398 Fax: +40 359 410 882
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Jazzfesztival 2010



The Oradean Posticum is a Hungarian cultural and youth center with a Christian Spirituality. Ever since it’s beginnings, in the shadow of its chapel, its Jazzland is operated – which Jazzland has celebrated its 10 year anniversary in May 2010. The celebration was meant to end with the foundation of a local Jazz Federation, so that Oradea could become the location of regular jazz concerts held in an organized manner. This idea, that exceeded the possibilities of Posticum, which was meant to represent all the different styles of Jazz, did not come into being, thus the spirited co-workers of Posticum can only periodically take upon themselves to organize concerts, and only melodic jazz concerts.

The schedule of Posticum’s Jazzland divides into three periods: the year begins with a concert series, in May a Jazz festival (and in certain cases a jazz course) awaits those that are interested, and in the fall young bands have the opportunity to introduce themselves. The bands and orchestras can only play here upon invitation. The only exception from this rule is the Jazz-terrace. In the summer months, small bands, transiting musicians, can apply for an evening concert, for which the place is the terrace of Posticum.