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Jazzfestival 2015 - GENUINE SOUND


22 may, 20:00 Little G Weevil (USA/HU)

23 may, 19:30 Mircea Tiberian (RO) & Nadia Trohin (RO/MD)
             21:00 Andy Middleton (USA) ft. Oláh Kálmám Trio (HU)
24 may, 19:30 "next generation`s jazz" - Oradean Jam Session
Events will take place also at rainy weather!!


Jazzfestival 2015 may 22 - GENUINE SOUND


Little G Weevil

the most successful hungarian bluesmusician is arriving in Oradea!

The numerous awards winning Little G Weevil emmigrated over 10 years ago to the US and released in the meantime 3 great albums overseas. 2012 he released the album „The Teaser“ and it led the hitslists of many countries. His last Album „Moving“ was praised by Mojo Magazine as the best of the year. 2013 he won the Blues competition in Memphis and was awarded as the best solo-guitarrist.

2014 USA Blues Music Award Nominee
2014 Blues Blast Music Award Nominee
2013 International Blues Challenge Winner
2013 International Blues Challenge Best Solo Guitarist


Jazzfestival 2015 may 23 - GENUINE SOUND

Mircea Tiberian (RO) & Nadia Trohin (RO/MD)
+ 24 may: Oradean Jam Session

Mircea Tiberian

debuted in 1974 at the International Jazz Festival in Sibiu. In 1998 he founded with Maurice de Martin the east-westeuropean Jazz Orchestra Interzone. Since the mid-1990s, he participated in several multimedia projects: Incursiuni (1996), Liniada (1999) und Agnus Dei (2000).

Tiberian teaches jazz at the music academies in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca and is artistic director of the International Jazz Festival in Bucharest.

 Nadia Trohin

The Jazzsinger was a pupil of Tiberian at the Music Academy in Bucharest and became, within a very short time, one of the most known singers in Romania.


Andy Middleton (USA) ft. Oláh Kálmám Trio (HU)
+ 24 may: Oradean Jam Session

Andy Middleton

American jazz musician: tenor and soprano saxophone, composition, arrangement. Since 2006 he lives in Vienna and is a professor at the Vienna Conservatory.

Middleton was awarded in 1991 at the European Jazz Competition in Belgium with the first prize as best soloist and Best Arrangement. In 2004 he received a composition-scholarship from the Chamber Music America`s New Works Creation and Presentation Program.

 Oláh Kálmán

one of the most famous contemporary jazz musicians. In 2006 he was awarded by the Hungarian Minister of Culture with the Franz Liszt Prize of the State of Hungary. In the same year he received the Grand Prize at the Thelonious Monk Competition as best composer. In 2007 he was given the Gábor Szabó-Prize of the Hungarian Jazz Association.



Jazzfestival 2015 may 24 - Oradean Jam Session

Jazz is the music of joy and liberty. The essence of jazz is the free improvisation. We can witness how "real" jazz will be born. The extraordinary musicians which are invited for the Festival will jam together. We are waiting for applications from guest-musicians, so the Sunday evening concert will become Oradea’s genuine jam session!

On Pentecost Sunday also the Jazz will talk about spirit. Participants and visitors can experience how city-noise, rush and stress will turn into joy and reassurance as well as the spirit will raise in the garden-district of the city. Real jazz aglows life, light, purity.

Everyone is welcome!

International Jazzfestival
hosted by POSTICUM Oradea